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Privacy policy

It is important to Suomenpakopelit to protect your privacy from any unauthorized use, therefore we have established strict rules with the obligation to monitor how the data, that you have provided us, will be processed and used. Please note, that you have to read these rules carefully and accept them before using our Site and Services (as described in the Terms and Conditions). If you have any questions, please contact us by writing to our e-mail address [email protected].

The following information can be modified from time to time, therefore we suggest you always read it before making new bookings. Any modifications made in this document will be reflected through the “Last updated” date at the top of this document.

In the context of this Privacy Policy, processing of client ́s data means any action performed with respect to the client ́s (both the Service Provider and the User) data, including gathering, recording, structuring, safe keeping, changing, publishing, providing access to, making queries about, preparing extracts from, using, forwarding, cross-using, merging, closing, deleting destructing or several such actions, irrespective of the way in which the action is performed or the means used. Also, the Authorized Person means the employee of Suomenpakopelit or a person, who is processing the data by agreement with and on behalf of Suomenpakopelit.

You confirm:

By using Suomenpakopelit Site and Services, you voluntarily accept and agree with the terms of processing client ́s data. Furthermore, your confirmation will be asked separately when making a new booking, but you will be bound by these terms also by just accessing the Site and by using the Services without registering yourself as a User. Please note, that even if you are just visiting our Site, we may collect certain information, such as IP address, language settings, which pages in our Site you have been visiting etc.

Please be informed, that you have the right to demand that Suomenpakopelit would stop processing your data unless otherwise prescribed by law. Also, you have the right to refuse receiving any information from Suomenpakopelit provided for marketing purposes.

General Principles

All employees of Suomenpakopelit and its Authorized Persons are bound to follow these rules and the requirements set out in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Please note, that Suomenpakopelit shall transmit your data to persons and organizations connected with the provision of our Services as well as with the exercise of the rights and performance obligations under the submitted booking. The data can also be transmitted to

  • Persons maintaining databases if that is required by law;
  • Authorized Persons;
  • Providers of debt collection services, legal consultants, enforcement officers or other third parties if the client is in breach with the Terms of Use (as stated in the terms and conditions).

What kind of data will be collected?

Suomenpakopelit shall process the data provided by you. Also, if it is necessary and applicable, we may process the data, which is publicly available about you. To use our Services, we are processing the following, but not limited to, data:

  1. Your personal details (name, language of communication etc);
  2. Your contact details (including e-mail address, telephone number);
  3. Payment information except for credit card details;
  4. information about the communication between you and Suomenpakopelit (complaints, requests, frequency with which the Services are used etc.);
  5. information about your participation in consumer games (prizes won etc);
  6. information about visits and usage preferences to Suomenpakopelit Site, including activity and it ́s history;
  7. information received while performing the obligations imposed by law.

In case of any mistakes or changes in your data, you are responsible for correcting or updating it. For that, please contact our Customer Support by writing to our e-mail address [email protected].

Why we collect it?

The data shall be processed in particular to:

  1. complete the booking and forward your details to the Service Provider you have chosen, we need to identify the client. This is also needed in case of any cancellation occurs;
  2. for marketing purposes;
  3. offer Suomenpakopelit Services, as permitted by law;
  4. decide whether and on what terms to provide the Services;
  5. reply to legitimate inquiries made by entitled persons;
  6. carry out statistical research, analysis and reporting;
  7. develop its Services, systems and programs;
  8. organize consumer games, promotions etc;
  9. understand client ́s expectations;
  10. provide the best customer service by handling inquiries and/or complaints or just to get in touch with you relating the possible modifications in a submitted booking.

Measures in use to protect the data

To prevent unauthorized access and possible misuse of client ́s personal data, Suomenpakopelit has established internal rules for processing client data, which includes monitoring of how it is done. The access to client ́s data is limited and technical restrictions apply in accordance with the job duties performed. Also, every Suomenpakopelit employee, Authorized Person etc, has signed a confidentiality obligation.

Data processing is allowed only to the extent necessary to perform the duties that have been assigned to the persons.

Please note, that Suomenpakopelit does not store any credit card details.

The Client has the right to go to court or to seek the assistance of the Data Protection Inspectorate at any time in order to protect his rights unless the law prescribes a different procedure.


Suomenpakopelit shall safe keep client data for at least five years following the termination of client relationship with the client unless the legal acts or any competent authority prescribe a different term for the safe keeping of specific data or documents.